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Liver and Onions

Many people are put off eating an animal's innards. This is a shame as they are probably the most nutritious parts of the animal. And liver is the best multi-vitamin / mineral supplement it is possible to get.

Don't worry about tales that liver may be full of toxins because the liver is what an animal uses to detox itself. The last bit of that may be true but the first isn't. When detoxing, the liver doesn't store toxins, it expels them via the bile. And any that may be left can easily be removed in a similar fashion by your liver.

There is one thing to beware of with liver, however: If it is overcooked, it is like shoe leather, undercooked liver is succulent and melts in the mouth, so be careful not to over cook it.


Marinate 1lb liver in lemon juice overnight.
Slow-fry 1-2 onions in olive oil and butter until caramelised (you can do this bit quickly, but they are tastier if you make them cook on low for 20 mins or so).
Remove onions from pan.� Turn heat up to med-high.
Rinse liver and pat dry.� Season with salt and pepper. Fry quickly on each side until browned.
To the pan add about 2tbsp of balsamic vinegar, plus approx 250ml of beef stock. Bring to boil and serve.
Liver should be pink in the middle.
We can't imagine this with the artificial taste of stock cubes. Use home-made beef stock, and it is just delicious.

Serves 2-4; Carb content: Very little — plus whatever vegetables you serve with it.

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Last updated 23 January 2009

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